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Dear Colleagues!

Despite significant progress and advances in the treatment of malignant tumors, cancer morbidity and mortality in Russia remains rather high. To date the accumulated substantial amount of growing knowledge of biology and ethiopathogenesis of tumor growth enhances understanding and gives a valid and reasonable ground for optimism in this area. From our point of view, tumors of human reproductive system present one of the most important and interesting field of oncology. This field is so versatile, complex and multiscale that it raises a great variety of issues which require cross-disciplinary studies and active involvement of experts - both clinicians and experimentalists. Gynecologic oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, breast diseases and breast surgery, urology and andrology, radiology and chemotherapy, genetics and immunology, embryology and endocrinology, pathophysiology and pathomorphology – and that’s not even a complete range of specialties that deal with the tumors of reproductive system. Regretfully, a great deal of articles that focus on the tumors of male and female reproductive system are published usually in various types of journals and that impedes the search for information of interest. Therefore we considered it appropriate and feasible to produce a specialized journal aiming at publication of high-quality articles written by the leading Russian and foreign scientists in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancers of the reproductive system. The journal will focus on such topical cancer-related issues as an examination of the perspective tumor markers, preventive measures in patients at hereditary cancer risk, possibilities of the fertility preservation in young cancer patients, individualizing methods of surgical treatment, chemotherapy, hormonal and radiation therapy. The journal will address the issues regarding the prospects of immunotherapy, supportive treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients. One of the sections of the publication will be dedicated to the current fundamental and experimental research in the study of reproductive cancer.

Recently established Interregional Reproductive Cancer Society (IRCS or OSORS (acronym in Russian)) has a mission to unite the audience of oncology professionals who care for people with cancer. IRCS and the journal are committed to improving reproductive cancer care and prevention, advancing the education of physicians and other professionals in the treatment of patients with reproductive cancer, assisting oncologists, including physicians who work outside the major medical institutions, in addressing the challenges of the modern day practice. Information on the wide range of reproductive cancer-related issues of particular relevance, reporting new methods on advanced clinical aspects of reproductive cancer research and therapy will be in open access on the website:

We invite all our colleagues – oncologists, experts in cancer-related medical subspecialties to active cooperation with our Society and editorial staff of the journal!

Professor K.I.Zhordania