Gynecologic Oncology


By submitting an article for publication an author hereby agrees to post its full text on the Internet on the IRCS (OSORS – A Russian acronym) official website and in the Journal “Gynecologic Oncology”.

Articles are accepted in Russian and English.

Articles must be free of any grammar and writing errors, they should be relevant to the remit of the journal and conform to the requirements of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for scholarly and research specialized publications.

Work submitted for publication must be original, previously unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration provided they meet the requirements for original works (materials) of authorship , posted on the Journal website in the section “Requirements”.

All materials must be of an open access. Protectively marked materials bearing classified codewords referring to particular types of restricted information will be rejected for open –access publishing.

Before submitting an article for consideration it is necessary to send the files listed below electronically to the Editorial team :

1) An article manuscript signed on the last page by all authors. Manuscript must contain all the author information.

2) In case an article was reviewed and certified by the seal, its original should be send to the Editorial office via regular postal mail and a scanned copy of an article - via e-mail ; reviewer’s name, contact information and affiliations must be indicated.

Article files that can be submitted to the e-mail addresses:,

1) A file of an electronic version of an article which must contain author full information (the author(s)’ names and affiliations, full contact details). A file name is an author’s last name. (Name files starting with the last name of the first author);

2) A file of a scanned copy of an article review ; please provide the full contact information for each reviewer. A file name is “Review”.

Upon initial receipt an article is recorded by our executive secretary in the Article Register . The details to be entered initially are: date of the receipt, a title, author(s)’ first and family names. An individual reference number is assigned to each article. The above information is also entered into our database.

Authors of all articles will receive acknowledgement of receipt of their manuscript within 7 days.

1. Editorial Board is authorized to send an article for an additional review procedure.

2. Editorial Board and Associate Editors are qualified to perform scientific and literary editing of the submitted manuscripts, to abridge them with author’s consent when required, or to send it back to the author(s) for revision if an article is important and relevant to the remit of the journal.

3. Editorial board reserves the right to reject an article that doesn’t meet the requirements of the Journal or lie outside its subject area and scope of interest.

If a manuscript is rejected the Editorial Board provides a reasoned statement of rejection to the author(s).

If a manuscript hasn’t been reviewed the Journal Editorial Board members or other leading experts in gynecologic oncology will conduct reviews of submitted articles.

Decision to publish an article in the Journal is taken upon receipt of a positive review.

A reviewer may recommend an article for publication after author revises it considering all reviewer’s comments and suggestions. In case of a negative review a reasoned statement of rejection is sent to his(her) e-mail address.

After a final decision on publication is made an author completes a Publication Agreement and a License Agreement (sample agreements are given below). Completed originals of Agreements, an original of an article Review and the last page of an article signed by the author(s) are to be sent by post (as Standard mail or Priority mail) to the Editorial Office of “Gynecologic Oncology” Journal: Russian Federation, 115478, Moscow, Kashirskoe Shosse 23, Federal Budgetary State Institution N.N.Blokhin Cancer Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Department of Gynecology.

Manuscripts and CDs are not returned, proofread versions and printed copies of articles are not sent back to the authors.